Robotic hand in Tiangong-2 space lab hits Foshan

来源:Foshan China 时间:2019-09-23 14:51
A dancing lion was jumping and stretching its body to the rhythm of background music at the entrance of the exposition. When people took a closer look at it, they found out it was a robot clad in a lion-dancing cloth.
Yesterday, the 5th AEME(Exposition for Investment and Trade of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing in West Bank of the Pearl River)was open in GICEC (Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center). In the following three days, eight cities, namely Foshan, Zhuhai, Shaoguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing, Yunfu will bring with them their best manufacturing products and be ready for a new round of contracts.
This exposition has four parts, display and transaction, project signing, investment and promotion and industry forum. At the scene, various advanced technologies such as robots, intelligent manufacturing products and new-energy cars have broadened visitors’ horizons. People were amazed by the new technologies, new forms of business and new models of the manufacturing industry from the eight cities. Compared with the exposition last year, this exposition aims at displaying more intelligent and green manufacturing products to improve the living quality of people.
Let’s see what is out there!
Robots made by Longshen can not only know how to play drum kit and paint with both hands, but also can play Gobang. The Longshen robot can react to the move made by our visitors within a second and will never lose, which sparked the interests of many visitors.
Robotic hand in Tiangong-2 space lab also appeared in the exposition. This ‘hand’ is composed of 5 modular fingers and a humanoid palm. To people’s surprise, this robotic hand is so agile that it can imitate 90% of human hand movements. At the scene, the artificial hand picked up a piece of name card without difficulty. It’s hoped that in the near future it can be used as prosthesis. 
Parking problem can also be solved with the introduction of RAY parking robot system. Drivers can leave their cars to the robot after getting a digital receipt by scanning the QR in the intelligent terminal system. Then relevant robots will lift up the designated car and deliver it to the vacant lot. With only a click at the app, drivers can have their cars back. It’s planed that this system will be put into used in Beijing Daxing International Airport before October 1st.
Have you ever seen the real high-speed railway and airplane at an exposition? CSR Guangdong Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has hauled the China Railway “Hexie” and the high-speed magnetic suspension transport system into the scene. It’s said that train with this system can travel at 600 kilometers per hour. Participants can also experience the tramcar using hydrogen energy. Equipped with 12 hydrogen tanks, the tram can travel 200-240 kilometers. Right now, trams with 6 hydrogen tanks will be put into used in Gaoming, Foshan. Another breakthrough is the first V-size horizontal stabilizer airplane with one turbo-fan. With parachute and autonomous driving system, this private plane can accommodate up to 7 people.

With 198.3billion yuan investment, this exposition total 234 organized projects, among which 3 have over 10 billion yuan investment amount, and 57 have over 1 billion. At the opening ceremony, 18 projects have been signed, with investment up to 64.47 billion yuan. Signed projects include the second phase project of the 3-1 maritime heavy industry park, Shunde technology research and development and industrialization base for new material, future technology innovative research institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences.